Toyo Tire North America (TNA) is internationally recognized for its quality standards for the production of tires. Since it broke ground in 2004 with a workforce of 350, TNA has continued to grow in size and excellence reaching a current workforce of over 1000. In the words of TNA CEO, Jim Hawk, spoken while accepting the 2009 Georgia Manufacturer of the Year Award, the company’s success “reflects the hard work and dedication of every employee.” TNA invites you to become a valued member of the Toyo Team that makes it the excellent company it is.

Great People. Great Products. Great Future.


toyo tires careers

Toyo Tires is a wonderful company to work for. You are taking part in the process of making the best tires in the world. The schedule can’t be beat, and the benefits are fantastic. You come to know the people that you work with as a family. Toyo Tires gives you the ability to further your career to unlimited heights, while the schedule also gives you the opportunity to continue your education.

- Brandon K., Production Technician

The best part of working for Toyo Tires is the character of the people that work here. There are good people at every level of the company which collectively make the Toyo Tires“TEAM” a great one.

- Brandon D.,Tire Engineer

I love working for Toyo Tires because World Class Tires are produced by World class Employees Utilizing World Class Technology.

- Auntonio Q., Manager

Toyo Tire's reputation for quality is one of the many reasons I am proud to be a part of the company. Since I began here, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the company expand twice. Toyo Tires has provided job stability even during economic downturns.

- Jennifer A., Accountant

I like working at Toyo Tires because it is challenging to make good quality tires to sell to our customers. When I hear a customer give excellent reviews about our tires, I am proud to say I am a big part of the Toyo Tire Team of North America. I like the fact that we are a company that is always striving to do better and better to build and move ahead. I feel that is why we are successful today. Oh, and by the way it’s a company that is very rewarding.

- Pamela A., Production Technician

I’d like to share with you some of the things I enjoy about being a Toyo Tires Team member.

1. Job creation and job stability. Over the course of my tenure, I’ve seen the company expand to a work force of 1000 plus Team members, moreover, during the economic lean times, our management kept the plant running at full capacity.

2. One of the most progressive and technologically advanced tire facilities in this area. We’re producing a world class tire in a world class facility.

3. Salary and benefits are very competitive. We offer a great starting salary and an excellent pay progression schedule. Great health insurance and a very generous 401k plan.

Come join our team & remember at Toyo Tires we’re “Driven to Perform."

- Ellis M., Production Technician


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